Phases of Energy from BOLD

Kiley, Kim and I have all gone through a real estate program to better ourselves in real estate. It has been great in so many different ways for each of us. As some of you know, I am in a referral group here in Edmond and this morning, I shared a little about the “Phases of Energy” from our past BOLD program. These energy phases can impact daily life or your business.  We have to remind ourselves daily to stay passionate, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, and responsible or we will come off the wrong way to our clients, co workers, family and friends!

Phases of Energy

  1. Victim – this is where you are one step away from WHY ME to woe is ME.
  2. Conflict/Anger – this one can be felt from blocks away even if they are not angry with you.
  3. Responsibility – don’t you wish everyone had this energy throughout the day.
  4. Compassion – people that show this energy allow people to feel love.
  5. Peace – this energy allows people to be who they choose to be without judgment
  6. Joy – just think about living a game called the perfect game. Where everything for an entire day is perfect and you are joyous about what is happening all day long
  7. Passion – this is the highest of all energies. Gratitude is a form of passion. When we are in gratitude we are vibrating at an energetic scales that people are attracted to.

Don’t you want to be #3-7 all the time. It really makes you think. You and I both need to remind ourselves about the phases of energy on a regular basis so we are not putting out a BAD vibe to our clients, family, friends and co workers! STAY POSITIVE and I PROMISE IT WILL BE BENEFICIAL to each one of you who take action!


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