Benefits of Home Staging

Benefits of Home Staging


Terra and I had the opportunity to go to a really great class last week on home staging!  This class reminded us how important it is to stage your home. Some people think that staging is only for vacant homes. That is not true! Staging is for homes of all sizes, vacant or not. Staging not only helps your house to sell better online but also entices buyers to want to see the property in person.  When a home is staged, the pictures can give the buyer a better impression before they even get inside.  Staging not only has to do with decorating, but it has to do with paint colors, updates and existing furniture placement. The living room, bathrooms and kitchen are the power areas. Those are the 3 areas that buyers focus on the most.


Here are a couple fun facts that are very important!

-Only 50% of your bookshelves should be filled.

-Black mulch makes your landscaping pop for better curb appeal. Seasonal flowers always add a pop, too.

-Playing soft music during showings highlights your surround sound and improves showing ability. Nora Jones and Jim Brickman are always a good choice.

-Glued wall paper and popcorn ceilings can be textured and painted over in some cases.

-Wrought iron décor is usually cheaper than most pictures and can fill large wall spaces.

-Do not have more than 3 groups of accessories or appliances on your kitchen counters. The emptier the countertops, the larger they look.

-Colored décor here and there always add life to a home.

– Turn on a scentsy or plug in for a nice aroma in the home. Don’t use smells that are overpowering.

-The focal point in the living room should be the fireplace, not the TV!

-Turn on all lamps and lights inside and out (if at night).

-Turn your hot tub on and open the cover or light your fireplace if weather permits.

-De-clutter your entire home. You will have to do it when you move so might as well get it over with!

-Pack up all your off season clothes to show off your closet space.

-Always hide valuables, firearms, prescription drugs, jewelry and money!! Take them with you if you need!


Statistically, homes that are staged sell faster and for more money! Having your home ready for a showing shows that you are “In It To Win It”! The RED Team would love to come and get your home show ready. Give us a call at Keller Williams Central Oklahoma to make your appointment today. 405-474-4242

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