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ONE major challenge in our jobs as Realtors is asking our seller to accept an offer from a non-qualified borrowers or wasting valuable time showing homes to non-qualified borrowers.  A fully underwritten, credit qualified approval is different than a pre-approval letter. Buyers that have a qualified preapproval letter will put them at the head of the buyer’s pack when it comes to making an offer.  By talking to Chad, a lender, and getting fully underwritten before starting your home buying search can ease the process of  a buyer finding their dream home and/or signing a Purchase Agreement.

Here are some reasons of how the buyer and seller will benefit greatly:


Benefits to the Borrower

  • Offers are more likely to be chosen due to a pre-approval from a professional underwriter.
  • Borrowers shop with confidence knowing they are Bank approved.
  • Borrowers know exactly how much house they can qualify for.
  • Ample time to gather conditions, reduces stress.
  • Because they can lock on shorter terms they get better pricing on Interest Rates.
  • Able to relax during the closing process as docs are out days in advance.
  • Reduces heartbreaking last minute bank denials or surprises.

Underwriting Benefits

  • Enjoy 2 Day (48 hour) Turn Times.
  • Underwriters will clear make or break conditions prior to the Purchase Agreement.
  • Order the appraisal the day the Purchase Agreement is signed.
  • Have income, credit and employment reviewed before a Purchase Agreement is signed.
  • Conforming credit is good for 90 days, FHA/USDA/VA 120 days.
  • Able to lock as a TBD to take advantage of the market if needed.


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