EYP News 9 Tour

What a fun hour! A group of the Edmond Young Professionals got to have the opportunity to go and take a tour of the News 9 facilities today. It was very interesting to see all the rooms, computers, employees and more that go into airing the news daily. We even got to catch the noon show live! (So if you hear someone sneezing in the background… it was me.)  We also got to go see the 3.5 million dollar helicopter that covers late breaking stories. While the pilot was showing us the helicopter he actually got a call and had to take off to go cover a late breaking story. He jumped in and was off the ground within minutes. We toured throughout most of the building.  It was an opportunity I’m glad I didn’t miss! Touring the station really makes me appreciate all the hard working people that make it possible to find out important information daily. Thank you NEWS 9 and EYP for planning!

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