Upcoming City Development in Edmond, OK

Today at the Edmond Board of Realtors luncheon, Larry Stevens, the City Manager of Edmond, OK spoke to us about the growth in Edmond. Larry began his career with Edmond in 2002. Prior to that he was the City Manager in Pittsburg, KS and in Brookfield, MO. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Services Administration, Central Missouri State University. Here are just a few of the high points and construction that Larry touched on today that I thought would be interesting sharing with you:

  • I-35 and Covell is being developed(both northern corners and SW corner) – NE corner will consist of the new Francis Tuttle Technology (about 4000 SF mol) and the NW corner- sports conference center, fields, training center and restaurant (all privately funded and to be built in next few years)
  • Downtown Edmond Public Safety Center – will approximately be completed within the next two years. This will change the face of downtown. The city is excited about this project. Parking will be a mess, but they are doing everything they can do to make it painless.
  • Aquatic center at Mitch Park to open in October or November of this year!
    • Schools are funding the competition pool
    • The city and YMCA are funding the public pool
  • Edmond Softball Park/Complex will have four fields with room to grow. It will be finished this fall!
  • Hiking trail from I-35 to Arcadia on 2nd St(I think) and one in the plans for all around the Arcadia Lake, too.
  • Kelly and Covell area streets are almost complete! On Kelly from Covell to Coffee Creek will be widened to 4 lanes, hopefully by the fall.
  • Bryant bridge project between 15th Street and 2nd Street to be completed by the fall.
  • Sam’s Club, at I35 and 15th, is hoping to be completed by the holiday season.
  • Sooner bridge is going to be temporarily fixed around April.

Edmond is also becoming competitive in city development. They purchased two pieces of property and are helping with the hotel/conference center at I-35 and Covell.  It will be a Hilton Garden Inn and will have a 2000 SF mol conference center.

Larry also informed us about the new economic development policy. It applies to new and existing businesses in the community. It is performance based and back loaded. Go to the City of Edmond for a copy today.
There will be lots of new activity in the downtown Edmond area and city of Edmond for the next couple months and hopefully for years to come! Edmond is serious about economic development. Go to www.Edmondok.com with any questions or to watch segments of the City and City Council meetings or you can watch them live on channel 20. Edmond is definitely a great city to live in!

***All of the above information is deemed accurate, but go to www.Edmondok.com for any questions or concerns.


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