Thankfulness — not just at Thanksgiving!

Last January, my broker challenged us to start a new habit. I took her up on it!  Thus, I have been in the habit of journaling three gifts a day for which I am thankful and acknowledge that God has given to me. On most of the posts, I have a picture to symbolize my gifts. Thankfully, I have a 1000 Gifts App on my phone for easy recording! I started with a “Joy Dare Calendar”, which comes out monthly on a website called “A  Holy Experience” that listed three specific items for each day of the month for which to look for, recognize, appreciate — be thankful for !! My mother and another friend joined me in this rewarding effort, which really made us aware of blessings that occur many times during a day and reminded us to be on the lookout for things for which to be thankful for all day long! Just like at Thanksgiving, it is so hard to limit my thankful list to only three items, so on some days, I recorded items that may or may not have been on “the list”. In our family, we always try to go around the family circle and name one thing we are really thankful for.  These occasions have been great with many made memorable with laughter and humor.  Example —  When my very own, quite young at the time, beloved niece said to everyone’s surprise, “I’m thankful I don’t have to listen to Aunt Kim’s singing!” Because it is really hard to choose only one thing, this year, we all talked about being thankful and how we all plan to be more thankful!  To do that, we are starting a new tradition. Each family received a Blessing Jar. For a year, we were challenged to write down blessings  each and every week and stuff them in our jar.  At Thanksgiving next year we will read random selections from our collections! We also all got new journals with hopes and motivation for the younger ones that the person with the most entries next Thanksgiving will win a prize! Everyone in the family will help make our own personalized version of the Joy Dare Calendar.  We all are so excited about giving thanks where thanks is due!

Did you know that I read that if you keep track of your blessings you will become 25% happier? I believe that “An Attitude of Gratitude” is not only good for you mentally but is responsible for your physical well being as well!  That is a great reward in itself! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful! Pray continually! Give thanks in ALL circumstances!” That is called ThanksLiving!

 Just something to think about. Blessings, The RED Team

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  1. kathi k on January 11, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    It is amazing to open your eyes and see how God blesses us! I love the idea of the blessings jar!

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