Edmond, Oklahoma truly is awesome!

Great Edmond Young Professionals luncheon on Tuesday! We had a panel of important Edmond leaders talk about Edmond and how great our city truly is! The panel consisted of UCO Executive Vice President, Steve Kreidler, Edmond Police Chief, Bob Ricks, Edmond Mayor, Charles Lamb, Edmond Sun Publisher, Karan Ediger, and Turner and Company Developer, Derek Turner. All of the panelist had informative, encouraging information to pass along.

They all reminded us to support our Edmond stores and restaurants. Supporting them helps the city afford to keep Edmond nice and clean. Downtown is the heartbeat of Edmond! It may be old but that is what makes it so special and unique. Go to http://www.downtownedmondok.com for a list of all the things to do in downtown Edmond.

In other news…Police Chief Bob Ricks informed us of some upcoming changes. The police department is building a City Safe Center that will allow people to come in and learn more about the department. It will be an awesome place to visit or rent out for meetings in downtown Edmond. They are dedicated to keeping us safe through education, school resource officers (SROs), an annual Citizens police academy and an ongoing commitment to community relations. Did you know that Edmond is 8 times safer than Oklahoma City and is 9 times safer than Tulsa per 1000? We should be proud to live in such a safe and beautiful city. Go to http://edmondok.com to find out more.

Karan Ediger let us know about many different ways you can get the local news with Edmond Sun. Did you know that they are only printing the Edmond Sun 2 days a week but you can get on the internet and read updated information every day? You can even download an Edmond Sun app on your phone that is updated 6-8 times a day or sign up for the e-edition. They want to inform and educate us on what is happening in our city. Go to http://www.edmondsun.com/ for more information.

Edmond is growing more and more every year. We need to take time to educate ourselves about Edmond and learn how to keep it on the rise! Get involved in the community so others will care, too. Speak up, go to board meetings, so that in the future we can carry on what has been done for us. The strength of Edmond is the people involved. Get involved and let’s make Edmond even stronger!

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