Carpet cleaner!

I have found a great professional carpet cleaner that we can all trust. Did you know that you can rent a carpet cleaning machine from Lowes or Home Depot? Well, if you do, it doesn’t do the same job as you would get when you hire a company to clean your carpet. Wednesday, I heard from Michael, the owner of KPA Cleaning Services, and he educated me on the different types of carpet cleaning. First of all, his machines are more powerful than the ones you can rent. Secondly, his team is made up of professional carpet cleaners and they also know what particular cleaning product and how much of that product needs to be used on a variety of jobs. I met Michael six months ago and I am just getting to hear all about his company. I know others who have loved KPA Carpet Cleaning and I hope you give them a chance next time you need your carpet cleaned also!

TIP 1 – When you need to clean up animal accidents or drink spills(especially wine): Pour the carpet cleaning product on heavily so it passes the carpet and gets to the pad and concrete. Do not spray and pat dry. Make sure you get it a deep clean and remove all of the evidence below the carpet, too! Then the stain will not show back up.
TIP 2 –If you are replacing your carpet and you feel there is an odor, Michael says it is best to seal the concrete underneath the carpet to eliminate future odor.
Call Michael with KPA Carpet Cleaning for all of your future carpet and tile cleaning needs, mold problems, and whole house water or fire restoration at #405-503-3528. Tell him Terra Myers sent you because I know he has some great deals!

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