Just walked outside to take a break from computer and paper work to a friendly greeting by the neighbors! I love Redbud Canyon, the neighborhood I live in, and love it even more because of the people who live in the neighborhood! Yesterday I needed a fresh breath of air and so I decided to take the boys on a walk. When I was leaving the driveway, the neighbors pulled in, so I invited them to go also. Then I got a call from another neighborhood friend and she wanted to go walk, too! It turned out to be a fun afternoon. Definitely makes me smile and feel good knowing that I have multiple neighbors that can call me and ask to borrow an egg or sugar and I can do the same for them. Make 2012 the year to get to know your neighbors! It is not fun living by the people who pull in and shut their garage before they get out of the car. You know who I am talking about right? Just thought I would share what I was thinking and hope you feel the same way. Good luck and “Happy Neighboring”!

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