How much is a work shop/barn?

Saturday I showed homes on acreages to some of my clients. One of the husbands top items he wants in their new home is a work shop where he can store his trailer, boat, hunting stuff, etc. We have only been out to look a few times, but Saturday we may have found the perfect home. As we went from house to house, I randomly asked the wife if she knew how much it would cost to build a shop like her husband wanted. And I only asked because they like another house that did not have a shop and she thought they could just build one. Well, she answered and said “$3,000.00”.  That is when her husband and I informed her that a work shop that has electricity, heat, an automatic big garage door, insulation, and has a drive way up to it could cost around $30,000. I just thought I would share this story with you so if someday you want a work shop or barn you would have an idea also.

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