Just a touch of color

This living room was elegant and traditional before, but the homeowner, Kim,  had wanted to add a little turquoise pop in her house for years. Well, she was out of town and I surprised her with POP of turquoise! I wish I had taken a picture of her living room before I added the big picture, vases, picture frames, throws, trinkets, and table runner because all of the new additions make her living room come to life in a bold way. Just adding vibrant colored furniture, trinkets, and pictures can make a huge difference in an average living room making it stand out! Use bold colors instead of your neutrals. Use the color or colors throughout to transform it into a neutral, the old tan! Don’t stress about it all looking “matchy matchy”. It will all come together in the end with the hints of tint here and there. It does not have to be everywhere, but just adding some brights in will make the room lively. Don’t go all solid either. Use patterns, graphics and design on fabrics, rugs and pictures. You can even use different shades of one color family to make it catchy. Adding turquoise to Kim’s living room, even though she already had other colors in there, really made her living room personal and inviting!

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