101 Ways to Praise Your Child

School is back in session! Our schedules are getting even busier, but we cannot forget to praise our children. Here are 101 ways to praise your child. Let them know how special they are to you!

Wow. Way to go. Super. You’re special. Outstanding. Excellent. Great. Good. Neat. Well done. Remarkable. I knew you could do it. I’m proud of you. Fantastic. Superstar. Nice work. Looking good. You’re on top of it. Beautiful. Now you’re flying. You’re catching on. Now you’ve got it. You’re incredible. Bravo. You’re fantastic. Hooray for you. You’re on target. You’re on your way. How nice. How smart. Good job. That’s incredible. Hot dog. Dynamite. You’re beautiful. You’re unique. Nothing can stop you now. Good for you. I like you. You’re a winner. Remarkable job. Beautiful work. Spectacular. You’re spectacular. You’re a darling. You’re precious. Great discovery. You’ve discovered the secret. You’ve figured it out. Fantastic job. Hip, hip, hooray. Bingo. Magnificent. Marvelous. Terrific. You’re important. Phenomenal. You’re sensational. Super work. Creative job. Super job. Excellent job. Exceptional performance. You’re a real trooper. You are responsible. You are exciting. You learned it right. What an imagination. What a good listener. You are fun. You’re growing up. You tried hard. You care. Beautiful sharing. Outstanding performance. You’re a good friend. I trust you. You’re important. You mean a lot to me. You belong. You’ve got a friend. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You brighten my day. I respect you. You mean the world to me. That’s correct. You’re a joy. You’re a treasure. You’re wonderful. You’re perfect. Awesome. A+ job. You’re A –Ok, my buddy. You made my day. That’s the best. A big hug. A big kiss. I love you. Give them a big smile. Thank you.

Information from magnets USA.

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