$1 admission-Way Back Wednesdays at the Zoo

Just moving to town or need something fun to do? Then plan a trip to the zoo. It may still be hot outside, but if we are lucky and it cools down a bit it is always fun to go see all of the animals. If you have never been to the zoo then this is the time to go and take advantage of the $1 days! During the rest of July and August the Oklahoma City Zoo is offering $1 admission every Wednesday. It’s called Way Back Wednesdays and on those days, they offer $1 admission for all ages (children 2 and under are still free), as well as $1 carousel rides and sea lion shows. On top of that they also offer $1 small soda, $1 small popcorn and $1 small hot dogs. Wow! What a deal! The zoo houses hundreds of animals such as elephants, gorillas, lions, giraffes, zebras and most importantly, one of the new exhibits showcases the Oklahoma Trails and a few of our states animals. Go to the zoo to learn a little bit about our state. Maybe it will cool down a bit like yesterday and you can go visit one of the best zoos around right here in OKC!

The zoo offers 50% off admission to all military year around, just so you know!

The zoo hours are 9AM-5PM everyday and open until 8PM on Saturdays.

Go to www.okczoo.com for more information!

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