When is the last time you changed you air filter and why should you care?

The Filter Guys- Just the Facts

-The EPA ranks poor Indoor Air Quality among the top 5 environmental risks to public heath, (American Lung Association).

-Levels of air pollution in homes can be 2-5 higher than outdoor levels, (EPA).

-Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experiences soon after, or possibly years later, (EPA).

-Heating and cooling systems are the largest single consumers of energy in buildings, (Energy Star- EPA/DOE).

-Dirty HVAC Equipment will reduce cooling capacity and degrade energy efficiency.

Research shows changing your air filter ever 30-90 days will:

-Provide better Indoor air quality.

-Reduce dust in the house.

-Reduce Household Allergies and Illness.

-Extend the life of your Air Conditioning System.

-Save on your electric bill.

Breathe easy and let us do the dirty work!

Benefits of The Filter Guys Home Service Program:

-Al Indoor Air Quality Specialist will come to your home and develop a customized service program.

-Hypoallergenic, high efficient pleated filter changed on a regular schedule.

– Your HVAC returns will be cleaned by our Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

-No evidence of our visit except clean air.

Why pay the same price and change the filter yourself?

-The service price is comparable to what you would pay major retailers for the same quality filter.

Or, purchase our filters. Here is what you will get:

-Top quality filters at discount process.

-Free delivery to your door.  (Minimum order may apply)

-Email reminders on when your filter is due to be changed.

Let The Filter Guys worry about your air quality, not you!

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