Tornado season

Did you know that Oklahoma has the highest number of tornadoes per year out of all the the states? Last week during the May 2, 2011 tornado, I sat in the NICU at the hospital and rocked my baby. I don’t know about you, but I was so worried. I was so glad I got stuck at the hospital because I could be there with one twin and Brad could be at home with the other. After the tornado in Joplin, MO a few days earlier, I was scared to leave my little guy at the hospital all alone. I am sure glad I stayed, too because when they started preparing the NICU for the tornado a lady put a vest on that would hold up to 8 babies at a time during an emergency. It was neat, but in my case, I was able to hold my little man! Everything turned out ok at the hospital, thank goodness. I do know many people in the OKC area were affected and I am truly sorry. This makes me think twice about having a tornado shelter at my house though.

It is very important to select the correct tornado shelter for your family and situation. When making this big of a purchase, you want to make sure it it protects your loved ones and makes the moments you spend in the shelter not as tense. Underground tornado shelters and concrete rooms are, in my opinion, the safest shelters. If you go with a concrete room, you can use it for a work out room, game room or other room also. Underground shelters are great just because they can be installed in the garage floor and you can still pull your car over them or use the space as needed. The price for a storm shelter can range, but you will have to decide if you want it in your garage or your house, if you want it underground or above ground, or you might need to consider the fact that one has stairs and can all of your family and friends get down the stairs.

After making the big purchase, make sure you check the inside every once in awhile. You probably want to keep it clean and easily accessible for tornado emergencies.  Most importantly, register it with the city, so that if something were to happen, emergency crews would know where to locate you easily.

Hope you find this post somewhat helpful! It was just on my heart and I had to share.

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