Cleveland County is ranked one of America’s Best Affordable Places

This is an excerpt from and article called “America’s Best Affordable Places” by Venessa Wong and Jennifer Prince in Bloomberg Businessweek on May 27, 2011.

“In an exclusive ranking for, Bloomberg Rankings analyzed government-gathered data on more than 3,000 counties across the U.S. to select the best affordable place in each state. We then scored each county by state. Next we tallied the top-ranked county in each state to arrive at a national ranking. Factors that were most heavily weighted include housing cost, crime, unemployment, and educational attainment in the county, in addition to such other metrics as family income, poverty, commute time, air quality, diversity, and share of families with children.”

I wanted to point out to you specifically that our very own Clevelad County was ranked number 3 in their standings!

“No. 3: Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Population: 248,408
Median family income: $64,350
Households spending more than 30 percent income on housing: 23.3 percent
Unemployment: 5.7 percent
Adult population with bachelor’s degrees: 30.1 percent
Major cities: Norman, Moore

Cleveland County is Oklahoma’s third-largest in population and second-fastest-growing county, according to the Greater Oklahoma City Partnership. Farming, oil production, and horse breeding are important area industries, according to the county. The cost of living in Norman, the area’s largest city and home to the University of Oklahoma, is 15 percent below the U.S. average and the district has several good schools, according to”

Isn’t this exciting?

America’s Best Affordable Places, 2011

By Venessa Wong and Jennifer Prince, Bloomberg Businessweek

May 27, 2011

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