Gardening Mistakes to Avoid!

This awesome sunny weather makes me want to get out in my yard and work work work! But, after I did a little research, I stopped and planned a little bit. Here are a couple gardening helpful hints that I should pass on.

-Don’t change too many things too soon. Some of your perennials will be sprouting up and may look like weeds, so don’t start pulling weeds too quickly! Wait and see what is dead and what will be blooming before you go too far.

-Observe how much sunlight each part of your flower beds gets. You need to read on each plant what kind of light it needs so that they don’t get too much or too little of sunlight.

-Don’t crowd your plants or trees. They will fight for water, light, and nutrients if you crowd them.

-When you water, don’t neglect the root. Especially when you first plant, make sure the roots are hydrated so they are not stunted and short lived. Automatic irrigation systems sometimes over water plants, try watering 40-60 minutes 2-3 week instead.

Now that you have read these helpful hints get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather! Make your flower beds gorgeous! It is a great feeling to drive up to a yard filled with bright pretty blooming flowers!

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