Making the Atmosphere feel Cozy

When selling your home, it is important to make the buyer feel welcomed when they come to view your home. We, as Realtors, think that creating a cozy atmosphere with lighting, scents, music and decor is part of making the buyer feel comfortable while looking around. Here are a couple tips to creating the perfect ambiance, but not overdoing it.

Lighting creates a warm mood no matter what! Opening windows and blind always lets in a happy light(most of the year). And turning on any and all lamps in a home also helps. If it is cold outside, and you as the seller are going to stay close for the showing or the Realtor will be there for an Open House, then lighting the fireplace generates a homey feeling, too.

Smell is always a big problem with buyers, but can create a good feeling.  Is there a Scentsy plugged in or a candle lit and is it too strong?  Is it covering up a pet odor? Or does it just make you feel like cookies were baked in the oven? So remember to not overdo it with scents and smells, but that light lemon, lime, honey, vanilla or rosemary smells may create an amazing aroma!

Music is also a way to create the perfect aura. Classical or slow jams is calm enough to make the buyer feel at ease in your home. Try it someday when you are home and see how it makes you feel!

Decor in your home can create that perfect feeling or overwhelm a buyer. Adding playful stuff on the coffee or end tables such as photo albums, magazines, or small table games always make buyers feel at home. You can even bring nature inside with river stones in your sink basin, fresh flowers in the kitchen and/or living or even placing seashells in a bowl on the counter. At the same time, having too much clutter on your shelves and counters causes buyers to feel overwhelmed and makes them think the area is smaller than it really is.

All of the ideas above come together to make a cozy ambiance in your home! Try it and see for yourself and then call Kim and Terra to list your home and get it sold!

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