Small Space Decorating

Sometimes decorating a small room is very frustrating. Look at these couple tips below to maximize the small spaces that you have.

Identify the area by painting it a different color than the hall or the room connected to it. 

Also, define your seating area with a rug. By placing a rug in the room it will visually expand the space.

Get rid of the over sized couch and replace it with 2 over sized chairs or a love seat. Hardly ever do you use your couch fully. Replace it and save the space. Go for a natural color so that you can throw some colorful, printed pillows or throws.

Instead of a coffee table go for a multifunctional piece for the center of the room. Choose a soft foot rest or ottoman that can be used for a table, foot stool, or even more seating.

Add some height to help with clutter. The more space you have against and up a wall will cut down on the clutter crowding anywhere else. Go for an open bookcase so that you can see the wall behind it. Don’t cover the shelves completely but leave some room in between them and the books, frames, vases, etc that you decorate with.

Lastly, add some light. Find a lamp for your end table or put a floor lamp  in the corner. Lamps always warm up your home and put the finishing touch in the room.

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