Cheap decorating tips!

Liven up your bathroom- Exchange your normal bathroom rug for one with a design or some spunk. Add a fun chandler to make it a place where you want to spend time.

Display your jewels- Hang your long necklaces along one of your walls in your bedroom or bathroom. It adds personality. You could use nails to display, a screen with hooks, or even a cork board with tacks.

Change out your lamp shade- Change out your lamp shade for a bolder color and spray paint the base of your lamp a solid color. Or add fabric with fabric glue to the outside of the lamp shade.

 Make your own gallery- Gather up a mix of paintings, prints, and photos in a odd number and hang them in a cluster on a blank wall. You can always use magazine pictures, pictures from the internet, and pictures of friends and family.  

Be an artist-  Stencil your initials on the backs of your dining room chairs  to add some more personality.  

Try something different- Don’t want to commit to glued on wall paper? Use tacks to hold it up around the edges or even find some patterned wrapping paper to hang. Make it look quilted or just placed here and there.

Attention collectors- Combine a couple of the things you collect together, but only display a few of them at each location.

 Be fun- Paint a picture yourself and frame it for display.

All of the decorating tips above hardly cost anything. Get your creative juices flowing and spunk up your space for spring!

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