Ways to Create a Strong Style in your Home

1. Consult us, a remodeler or a stager – If you are thinking about creating a new style in your home and are thinking about selling in the near future, call us so we can pinpoint the main areas to update that will make it worth your time and money in the long run. We also have a list of contractors that we can share with you.
2. Don’t go cheap – You do not want a buyer or friend to come in and know right off the bat that you bought a boxed item and replaced something that might have looked nicer “as is”. You just do not want to cut corners on the important projects. Some items can be updated and not totally replaced.
3. Stay neutral throughout – Buyers have a tough time seeing past color especially if it is bold like red. They do not think about repainting, they just think, “Do I have stuff that matches red?” Stay close to the basic colors in your home and especially on walls and cabinets.
4. Complement the architecture – If the outside is traditional, try to stay away from contemporary updates inside.
5. Concentrate on high traffic areas of the house – The main rooms you want to update first are the kitchen and bathrooms. In the long run, you get more bang for your buck.
6. Getting ideas – Personally, I look in the Pottery Barn catalog monthly to see if there are decorating ideas I can copy for cheaper. There are tons of websites you can google for ideas, too.
7. Plan out the process- If you do not plan out the process, you risk going over budget and going over board. And if you hire a handyman, be sure to have a days work for them, rather than having him come multiple times. You will save money this way.

Are you ready to list your home? If so, call Kim and Terra! Be sure your walls are free of hand prints, light fixtures dusted, counter tops cleaned off, carpets cleaned,

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