Kitchens Get Cozier

cozy kitchen

Kitchens are definitely turning in to a cozier place rather than just a place for cooking. Families have started to use them for not only cook and eat, but to entertain, and even work.  Now buyers are thinking that the space can be used for many possibilities such as a second living area.

Some home owners are opting to hide their appliances, such as with undercounter refrigerator drawers, dishwashers-in-a-drawer, or even covered by wood panels, a trend that the National Kitchen & Bath Association noted earlier this year.

“Another trend catching on: Fewer upper cabinets. A kitchen filled with cabinetry is a hard look, says Susan Serra, a home designer in Huntington, N.Y., who specializes in kitchens. Less kitchen cabinets make a kitchen feel more open and allow the walls, windows, and light to show through.” As a Realtor, I all these kitchen “open concept”.

The last house I lived in had a hearth area with a fireplace see through fireplace to the main living room. That way, when I was cooking my guests or friends kids would be right there with us playing or watching TV.  This area can encourage socialization with the cook!

Have you noticed a friends house that has a cozy kitchen?Some information and the picture found in the above article is from the REALTOR® Magazine on October 18, 2010 by Melissa Tracey, filed under: Home Trends .

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