Brawl at O’Briens- Thursday, October 7 @ 7:30pm

As some of you might already know, Terra and I box for exercise.  When I say box, I don’t mean that we are beating each other up, although some days we wish we were hitting something other than a bag. Our workout includes miscellaneous strength and conditioning along with punching bags and hitting mitts. It is by far one of our favorite things to do for a cardio workout.

 In the last couple months I have got the awesome opportunity to help plan a boxing event with my boxing coach. It has been a lot of work but here we are the week of the Brawl at O’Brien’s! I believe all the hard work will pay off this Thursday. I am so excited and hope that you can come and watch the fun!

Below is all the information you will need. General Admission $25, Reserved Seats $40, and VIP Seats $100- ring side seats at a table (10 people to a table) and dinner including steak and lobster served inside at 5:30pm.

Please call me, Kiley, at the office 405-330-2626 if you are interested in tickets. See you there!

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