I Should Have Stayed In Bed!

“The alarm went off one hour too soon; and in the dark, as I stumbled out of bed, I tripped over a shoe and hit my knee on a table.

            In the shower there was no hot water because the pilot light had gone out on the hot water heater during the night.

            I should have stayed in bed!

            As usual, the toothpaste was missing, and I cut myself shaving.

            When I went to get my brown socks I only found one of them, the washing machine had once again eaten one of my socks. I hate to wear blue socks with green pants.

            I burnt the toast and there was no milk for my coffee or cereal. My wife was chewing out our daughter for missing the school bus. I was going to drop her off at school but that car had a dead battery.

            I should have stayed in bed!

            On the freeway going to work there was an accident and traffic was backed up for miles. My car overheated and stalled. I thought the fellow honking behind me was going to have a heart attack.

            At work my secretary told me that I had missed my appointment with Mr. Smith who had flown in from New York to close a deal. She dared to ask me why I was late!

            I should have stayed in bed!

            During lunch with a friend I dropped gravy on my tie and shirt; when I went to pay the check, I discovered I left my wallet at home.

            In the afternoon my son’s math teacher called me and said he was failing math and that she wanted me to come in for a conference.

            The sprinkler went off in the mail room and water ruined everything. The clerks had to leave early because of wet clothing.

            On the way home I had a flat tire; when I put the spare on it was flat , too.

            I should have stayed in bed!

            As I drove up my driveway at home, I could see the garbage scattered everywhere by the neighborhood dogs. Went I went inside, my wife asked where I had been because I smelled terrible.  Also, she wanted to know what the spots were on my shirt and tie.

            During dinner I cracked a tooth on a rock that was hidden in the beans, we had liver too. I hate liver and beans.

            When I asked for the newspaper I was told that the dog chewed it up again; and there was nothing on TV but reruns.

            I should have stayed in bed!

            Finally I got to bed. Wow! What a day! What’s that I feel? It’s water! Oh no! The water bed is leaking.

 I can’t stay in bed!

There will be “impossible” days. You can escape them by choosing to face every event with a positive attitude. The challenge is to remain in control of your emotions. You don’t have to stew when frustrations come. You may not be able to control your circumstances but you can control HOW you respond to the circumstances.”

This story is from a wonderful book called “Have A Positive Day” written by J.J Turner. It is a little book that will help you to have a more positive day!

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