Favorite iPhone Apps

Here are a couple of The R.E.D. Team’s favorite iPhone apps. Check them out!!

Facebook- An addictive but great way to keep up with friends and family.

Twitter- Another addictive app to keep people updated on your day, hour by hour.

Fandango- Movies times at your finger tips. Awesome for last minute movie planning!

Wikihood- A neat app to find out specific information about neighborhoods and cities.

Dragon Dictation- You talk, it types. Great for sending a text when you can’t use your fingers. Although this is very helpful, sometimes it doesn’t understand you correctly. For example…. Kim’s southeastern drawlJ

Pandora- Internet radio wherever you go. You put a band you like and it creates a station with that same genre of music.

Realtor.com- A list of homes with pictures and information for you to see. The information is directly from the multiple listing service, used by realtors, to find homes for you.  Call Kim and Terra to see your future home today!

Flashlight- When the power goes out…. Grab your iPhone!

RunKeeper- This app tracks your outdoor runs using GPS plus much more!

Rachael Ray’s Tasty Bytes- Forget your grocery list? Use this app to pull up Rachel Rays recipes to remind you want you need.

Lose it- Track your calories all on your phone. Insert what you eat and it calculate how many calories it you have left each day to maintain or lose weight.

Kindle- For those book worms and kindle owners, start your book on your kindle and finish on your iPhone.

Trip Tracker- Live status flight tracker. Get real time status for flights, live weather reports, hotel information, etc.

Round Me- This app allows you to find out information about your surroundings.  Search for the nearest, bank, gas station, hospital, movie theatre, restaurant, etc.

Hangman- Oldie but a goody!  Fun classic word puzzle game.

What is your favorite app?  We would love to know so that we could enjoy it too!

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