Edmond, Ok Ranked in top 25 Cities

Newsmax magazine recently ranked Edmond, Oklahoma a number 19 among the top 25 cities and towns that best embrace core American values.

Newsmax magazine commissioned Peter Greenberg, best-selling author and travel editor of NBC’s Today show, to compile a list of the nation’s most uniquely American communities. Greenberg sought out cities and towns that embody America’s core values. In addition to ranking in the top 25 American locales, Greenberg graded each town and city on a 1 (low) to 10 (high) scale, for 9 different categories, including Hospitality, Culture, Scenic Beauty, and Business-Friendliness.

Edmond, Oklahoma #19

Grading results: Hospitality 8, Wholesomeness 7, Family Friendliness 8, Business-Friendliness 9, Devotion to Religion 8, Culture 9, Community Activities 7, Scenic Beauty 6, and Education 7.

Nicknamed “Edmond America,” this small town takes pride in its history, and in making history.

Edmond has made a name for itself with its collection of public art. Random bits of beauty, from statues, to sculptures, to murals, and stained glass, are scattered throughout the city and downtown. Although the city has acquired some pieces, residents have joined the fun of finding great works to display in front of their homes and businesses.

Only 15 minutes from Oklahoma city, Edmond is a top choice for commuting families, with home prices hovering around $216,000. Crime also is low, earning the city a Morgan Quitno ranking as the 41st safest in America in 2008; it is among the safest cities in Oklahoma with a population is 17,000 or more.

Edmond is a great place to live! I’ve lived here for over 27 years and I have no regrets.

To see a complete list of Newsmax’s Top 25 American Cities and Towns, go to: www.newsmax.com/cities.

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