Tribute ride for my uncle

My uncle, Alan Spencer was killed last Saturday morning in a hit and run accident while riding his bicycle. There is a group of local cyclists planning a tribute ride in his honor Thursday night at 7:30. I thought this was a really neat way to honor his memory. Please watch out for cyclists, they share the road with us all!

Below is an excerpt from a article about the ride;

Kilpatrick and other local cyclists are joining together for a memorial ride to honor Alan Spencer, 56, of Edmond, and Clyde Riggs, 75, of Oklahoma City, who were killed in separate accidents.

Although many of the cyclists who plan to participate did not know Spencer or Riggs, they shared the same roads and a connection through doing what they loved, Kilpatrick said.

“All of us lost part of us through their deaths,” Kilpatrick said. “This is something that is very close to all of us because we’re out there every day completely vulnerable to the circumstances that led to the deaths of Alan and Clyde.”

Raising awareness

A memorial ride is designed to help cyclists grieve, raise awareness in the community and show support for the men’s families.

Cyclists plan to meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday near the place where Spencer was killed, north of NE 122 on Midwest Boulevard. They will pause there for a few minutes before riding to the place where Riggs was killed near 5200 E Britton Road. They will place ghost bike memorials at each spot.

A ghost bike is a white bike that stands as a memorial along the side of the road where a cyclist was killed by an automobile. The ghost bikes will serve as a reminder for future cyclists and drivers, Kilpatrick said.

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