My Sushi Experience?!

Last week I had the opportunity to try REAL sushi for the first time. Yes, I have eaten a Spicy Cowboy roll, fried shrimp, before, but that is not true sushi after what I ate with some clients last week. I was so excited when they asked me to go eat lunch with them and then I got so nervous when they said “Lets go to Sushi Neko”. I said “OK” with no hesitation, but when I got off of the phone I panicked. haha  Anyways, I did not have long before I left the office and headed to meet them.  I got there and just told them flat out “I have no clue what to order or how to use chop sticks!” So, they ordered for the table and the experience began. First came the Edamame and it was yummy. Then came the raw tuna and salmon. I was scared just looking at it. But I tried both of them and they were good, but not my favorite and a little rubbery on top of that. I probably will not order that on my own next time, but it was not bad at all. You should try it if you have not before. It will always be a good memory! Lastly, the waiter brought out sushi filled with eel, calamari, shrimp, rice, seaweed and who knows what else. I really liked the roll called a Captain Crunch with eel in it. And the spicy calamari one was very tasty, too. Overall, I had a blast eating something new! If you decide to try sushi and you have not ever eaten it before, I recommend you take a sushi expert/friend with you. Then, have them order for you!

Go to for more information about Sushi Neko’s food, sushi etiquette, specials and more!

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