Ghost Bike presentation!

WOW! 350 plus bike riders rode many miles to come support our family and to help make the community aware of all bicyclists on the road! The ride was last Thursday night, July 22, in my uncle Alan Spencer and Clyde Riggs memory. The cyclists road to the site where Alan was hit and then on to Clyde’s  location.  I would say 95% of the riders did not even know my uncle or Riggs and they came just because they felt the connection within their cycling community.  Edmond/OKC is a great place to live especially when we have a community that comes together in hard times like this. Thanks to everyone who participated!

“A ghost bike is a white bike that stands as a memorial along the side of the road where a cyclists was killed by an automobile. The ghost bikes will serve as a reminder for future cyclists and drivers, Kilpatrick said.”

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