Chic, Cheap Bedroom Ideas

You want your space to be comfortable and have a little bit of personality. Here are a couple tips from cosmo life that can help you do this the cheap way.

Make It Smell Great- This is an obvious one but candles are so perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Lots of candles now come in pretty jars or the new thing is a scensy candle. You just cant skip something so simple that adds so much.

Pick Up Knicknacks- A few well placed funky knickknacks can add so much character to a room. Anything that catches your eye… like some cool vases, can add some more personality to your space.

Add a Punch of Color- Cosmo says the quickest way to add some color to a room is simply a rug. Go for bright colors that will make more of a statement instead of going with a neutral color rug.

Show Off Chic Lighting- Frame your bed with a pair of sconces will not only be functional but also pull your room together. Try to match these sconces to something else in your room.

Hang Mirrors Instead of Art- Mirrors can make your room look even larger and also they are sometimes cheaper than art work. Look for neat decorative mirrors and hang them where they reflect open space to open up your room.

Get Major Drama with Curtains- Buy long curtains that can hang from the top of the window and puddle at the floor. Pull each panel to the side for a more dramatic effect.

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