The Producers!

At the beginning of May, a group of Keller Williams Realtors, Kiley, Brad(my husband), and myself, started an adventure playing on a coed softball league out at Bickham Field in Edmond.  Our team is named “The Producers” and we started the league with a LONG practice and everything was going smooth. Everyone seemed to be playing well together and we thought we might see some wins. Well, after the first night and double header, we were all proved wrong. We got whooped both games.  And I hurt my neck and the doctor said I could not play anymore. The next week our team did not lose as bad, but we still did not look so good. However week 3 our luck changed and we won late in the last inning on a 3 run inside the park home run!  Following our Tuesday night adventures (or Misadventures!), we head to POPS on Route 66 in Arcadia and have $2 hamburgers (every Tuesday).  This Tuesday was no exception, and the team rallied late and won again, it had to be Kim’s lucky shirt!  Well be on the field next Tuesday night, and if you need a laugh, or just want to come hang out at POPS, come on out!

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