Here are a couple pointers for you to think about on EARTH DAY:

  • plant a tree, shrub or some flowers (it will make you feel good)
  • recycle, reuse, and re purpose
  • use refillable water bottles and a filter for your water
  • turn off lights and use power strips for computers and electronics (it saves you money and time by being able to quickly turn them off)
  • try using reusable shopping bags when you go to the store
  • turn off water while brushing your teeth or while grooming
  • when saving food, put them in reusable containers
  • pay bills online (you will save an envelope, stamp, and the check)
  • use natural cleaning products – search online for homemade cleaning products made from baking soda, lemon and vinegar

Start thinking about trying to be a more GREEN! It will not only positively affect your neighbors and your family, but it will also positively affect you! Plus it will save your wallet. Hope you have a great EARTH DAY!

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