State of the Company

State of the Company at Keller Williams Family Reunion

Keller Williams Realty is full of Shining Stars! Mark Willis, CEO of KW, announced the good news of 2009 and 2010 goals in the State of the Company meeting at Keller Williams Family Reunion.  He reviewed a range of accolades and key industry rankings. Mark Willis said, “You’ve shifted and we’re a whole lot more than alright. You’ve emerged as the shining stars of the real estate industry!” Among the goals for 2010 and beyond, Willis announced the beginning of Keller Williams Realty’s long-term vision to go global. “We expect our first overseas launch to occur sometime in 2011,” said Willis, “And our vision is that outside North America we will be as large as inside North America.” Looking forward to 2010, Willis also announced the following goals: * 82,000 associates * 720 market centers * $36 million in profit share * More than 500 new mega agents * More than 200 mergers * 100+ new team leaders for our new and transitioning market centers * 1,000+ new KW Commercial associates * 200+ new Luxury Homes by Keller Williams associates.  I love working for a company that keeps growing when the economy is down with no one being laid off. WOW is all I have to say!

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