Redbud Canyon Neighborhood JAM!

Last night, Brad, my husband and I went to our neighborhood, “Celebrate Spring Neighborhood Party!”.   Some of our neighbors, the Huhnkes, brought in the band, The Nadas, and then invited the Big Truck Taco truck to come.  Everyone got to order what they wanted from Big Truck Tacos and then pulled up their lawn chairs to enjoy the music. Yes, The Nadas were a very laid back, easy going band, but the best part of the night were the little kids dancing to their music in front of the audience.  I think one of the little girls may have learned how to dance from Dance, Dance Revolution or the dancers in the background of Rock Band. haha   It was a great night with neighbors and friends! If you ever have a chance to eat Big Truck Tacos or hear The Nadas, they are both a MUST! Redbud Canyon is a great neighborhood to live in!

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