The Ball’s in Your Court!


Keller Williams Family Reunion 2010 was unforgettable. Wonderful speakers, educating classes, KW family fun, and much more! One of the inspirational speakers stood out among the rest. His name is Kevin Carroll.

“Never underestimate the transformative power of a ball.” Kevin Carroll asserted during one Tuesday morning’s keynote address. The founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst LLC, and a renowned author, speaker and agent in social change, Carroll captivated attendees with his compelling life story that began with a “dysfunctional, nomadic childhood” and abandonment by two drug abusing parents. Salvation bounced into Carroll’s life at the age of 6, when he found a red rubber ball on a playground. After playing alone for a few hours, he heard “the words that changed his life: ‘You want to play with us?’”

Carroll says he’s been chasing his “Red Rubber Ball” ever since and encourages others to do the same. For Carroll the Red Rubber Ball is a “simple, little icon” that represents passion, joy and play.

A proponent of play and sports as vehicles for resourcefulness, unity, social inclusion, conflict resolution and celebration, Carroll observed how a Super Bowl victory has lifted New Orleans’ spirits. “They’re now champions. Just look how a football game healed a city.”

“Adults don’t think play has importance or a purpose.” But having seen the difference that a ball can make he emphasized. “a ball can change the world.”As Keller Williams associates, “you are in alignment with me.” Carroll said. “We’re committed to making a difference in the world.”

Making a difference is a matter of getting in touch with “what you are willing to chase after every day. We have 86,400 seconds every day that are filled with possibilities. Will you waste them or maximize them?”

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