In a slow economic week, foreclosure filings were a  bright spot.  They dropped for  a 3rd straight month, giving us another signal of recovery.  But a sustained recovery won’t  happen until the job market improves and since the economy’s lost nearly 3  million jobs this year, and over 7 million since the recession began, any  recovery will be long and slow.    I go back to what I’ve  said before, if you want a bigger piece of the pie in 2010, you’ll have to  steal it from someone else.   You’ll need to have you’re plan in place and, as they used to say  in the Ked’s Tennis Shoe commercial, you’ll have to “run faster and jump  higher” then the next guy.   You will HAVE to add value. To that end…you can prepare your  clients with information. Remember, the Fed has been keeping a lid on  rates by buying mortgage backed securities from Fannie & Freddie.  As the Fed winds down their buying  support, this will contribute to rates rising over the coming months.  This week, rates ranged from 4.75% – 5.0% depending  on program, credit and points.   
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