Not Enough Time to Exercise

How to Exercise in the Office

Are you too busy to make it to the gym? Do you not have time to exercise  in between work, making  dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, getting the kids ready for bed, making lunches for the next day, doing laundry and all your other activities? Here are 5 tips according to for exercising while you are at your office.

1.    Take the Stairs- Always use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. You can burn more calories and get your heart pumping for better circulation. You can apply this rule to your everyday life and be burning more calories everywhere you go!
2.    Throw around Your Weights – Put a couple of five pound weights on the corner of your desk. While you are on the phone on or in between paperwork and emails lift the weights. Do a couple sets of 10 or 12 for a good toning exercise.
3.    Walk it Off- On your lunch break take a 10 minute walk. Whether it is down the hall outside your office or down the block from your building, applying this 10 minute walk and it will rejuvenate you for the rest of the day.
4.    Take it to the Mat- Having a mat in the corner of your office will remind you to roll it out and get to work on your body. Do some pushups, sit ups, or even leg lifts to tone your lower body. What better way to work off that carb filled lunch!
5.    POP in a DVD with the Latest Exercise Craze-After your quick lunch or before you head home pop in an instructor led DVD and burn those calories, stretch those muscles, and release all that stress that has built up throughout the day.

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